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Sunday, 27 June 2010 14:23



vo2_testingTesting in sports is an integral part of any planned work in sports, because it is an objective measure of the progress of individual players. Testing must be done several times a year.

The first (initial) testing takes place at the beginning of the preparatory period, but after the first microcycle (5-7 days) because of adaptation of the locomotor aparatus system load. The goal of this testing is an insight into the current physical abilities. The results of this testing are indicators of the pre-season training,ie.based on obtained results one can make a detailed fitness program.
The second testing is usually done at the end of the preparatory period. The results of this test, indicatethe success rate in the preparation period.

The third (transit) testing is performed during the season (e.g. during a mini break), as a control of the current state of physical abilities.

The last (final) testing is performed at the end of the season or immediately after the transition period and its goal is to control the state of physical abilities of athletes before taking a rest.

Testing must always be performed in the same conditions. This primarily refers to climatic conditions (temperature and humidity), temporal conditions (time of day), objects and props (the pitch/court surface, balls weight, etc..) In addition to this it is crucial to pay attention to the measurement of distances, setting of balls and props. Stopwatch should always be the same as well as the person counting the time on the stopwatch. If all the listed requirements are not met, testing will not be successful, moreover the athlete may achieve better or worse results than the previous test, although the actual situation is perhaps oposite.

All the obtained results are carefully arranged and processed. Otherwise, the testing represents is a sole piece of information on the athlete's state on the day, without any knowledge of progress, stagnation or regression.

Figure 1 shows modern equipment that we use to test athletes


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